The German manufacturer WALDNER was established on 14th September, 1908 in Wangen, Germany. Nowadays Waldner is the biggest employer in the area and their machines are found worldwide. WALDNER DOSOMAT packaging machines are being used in very different areas – milk and meat production, beverage and delicatessen packaging, cosmetics and medicine. They are used for filling and packaging products from liquids to powders and solid products.

The packaged products include: cottage cheese, natural and fruit yogurts, yogurts with fruit pieces, sour cream and cream, processed cheese and cheese spreads, various salads and dressings, soups and sauces, mayonnaise, mustard, butter and margarine, sandwich spreads, honey and jam, pastes, pet food, cosmetics, etc.

The productivity of the machines starts with the DOSOMAT 1 type machines, with a productivity of ca. 1000 packages per hour, leading up to the fast 48 row DOSOMAT 20 Inline machines, with a productivity of over 100,000 packages per hour. A large selection of packaging material and closures can be used, made from cardboard, plastic, coex material, aluminium, steel or glass. These are high quality and long lasting machines.

You can find more information on Waldner products HERE.

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