Mobile robots

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) and AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) are autonomous transporters used in industries and warehouses for the automation of logistics operations. An AGV moves along a specified route and brakes if it encounters an obstacle. Unlike an AGV, an AMR is also capable of bypassing obstacles on its route and finding a new route to reach its destination.

The automation of internal transportation operations using automated vehicles helps a business to decrease the number of manual processes, improve the working environment and increase productivity. Automated transport vehicles help to lower your labour costs by operating autonomously even for 24 hours straight with optimal energy usage.

A short pay-back period and attractive TCO significantly improve business results.

Global AGV

We offer Global AGV automatic guided vehicles from the Danish manufacturer Bila. The Global AGV technology is easily integrated into existing operations and environments without the need to significantly alter the existing operations and layouts of the enterprise.

The AGV navigates using a 360° laser system that constantly detects the environment so the AGV can follow a pre-planned route. If your logistics flow changes, then the system’s great flexibility allows you to change the route easily and to map based on new needs.


We offer GoPal automatic guided vehicles from the Danish manufacturer Robotize. GoPal has a large product offering and fully CE certified solutions for the automation of internal pallet logistics in factories and warehouses. These autonomous collaborative robots have been developed and are approved for safe collaboration with humans and can handle various pallet types with various loads.

GoPal provides a fully integrated solution with robots, pallet stations and software, which can be installed and integrated within days and which requires almost no alterations to the installation site or lengthy operator training. GoPal’s solution will become profitable and starts saving money in about 4–18 months, depending on the wage level and work planning.


The GoPal solution will make the working environment significantly safer, by eliminating the accidents and hard work related to the use of forklifts and manual handling of pallets.


Thanks to the GoPal solution there will never be a need to plan shifts or to look for replacements. Collaborative robots will never take sick leave or vacation days.


With GoPal you can gather valuable data on internal pallet logistics, which can be used for optimising work operations. The system also communicates directly with ERP/WMS.


Forklifts and manual pallet handling sometimes leads to destroyed goods, materials or items and can also damage a building’s infrastructure. GoPal minimises all the costs associated with that.

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