Markem-Imaje, the leader in industrial marking devices, now also represented in Estonia!

Original spare parts and consumables
Maintenance, repair, installation and customized solutions.

Continuous Inkjet

Over 40 years of research and development, quality and environmentally friendly MEK-free inks, as well as extremely versatile and reliable ink printers from Markem Imaje are what we offer.

We have suitable models for all industries, along with the latest technology and a wide range of ink options (51 variants). Our model 9330 is economical and perfect for medium workload of 2000-4000 hours per year, making it an excellent choice for the majority of industrial companies in Estonia. Along with original spare parts and consumables, we provide maintenance, repair, installation and customized solutions to meet all your needs.

Large Character High Resolution Piezo

(Wax print or Hotmelt, also known as LCIJ or Large Character High Resolution Piezo) is a type of printer that offers several advantages over traditional CIJ inkjet printers. One notable difference is that it does not require any additional additives to be mixed with the ink. Instead, the ink is in a solid form, resembling a soap-like briquette, and is available in various colors. It has a long shelf life, even when the package is open.

This printer is particularly useful for achieving sharp and clear text with large fonts on surfaces that tend to absorb and blur regular ink, such as polystyrene, wood, cardboard, or paper. Additionally, the ink dries instantly upon contact, eliminating the need for drying time.

Not only does this printer deliver excellent print quality, but it is also user-friendly and simpler to operate compared to other options.

Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Premium Printing for Packaging Films and Labels with Markem Imaje Smartdate Thermal Transfer Overprinter

The Markem-Imaje Smartdate Thermal Transfer Overprinter offers continuous high-quality printing at up to 300dpi. It is designed for both continuous and intermittent applications on packaging films, such as classic flowpack machines, and can print through thermal transfer ribbons or directly onto labels.

Laser Marking

Precision and Quality: Markem Imaje Laser Marking Printers

Markem Imaje offers a wide range of laser marking printers with fiber and CO2 technologies. These cutting-edge printers deliver high-speed and high-quality marking on almost all substrates, making them the ideal solution for various industries.

Etiketiapaigalduse seadmed
(Print and Apply labeling)

The Markem-Imaje 2200 Print & Apply Labeling Machines are designed to improve label efficiency in any production line. The 2200 series is built on a proven concept, providing reliability, efficiency, and ease of use to minimize coding errors. Featuring advanced features such as eTouch-S® intelligent applicator, the 2200 series takes print and apply to the next stage of evolution, providing a wide range of interchangeable applicators, optimized operational intervention, and unparalleled application rates.


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