Through the automation of production processes we minimise faults that arise due to human error and fatigue, enabling personnel to be transferred to stations where people cannot be replaced or where it is not practical to do so. An automated production chain is usually more productive and stable. The previous three industrial revolutions have shown that, contrary to all fears, the number of jobs has never decreased but rather it has increased. The culture of increasing consumption and shorter useful life of products calls for increasing productivity, while working age population is continuing to shrink. There are no alternatives to automation.

In terms of automation, manufacturing enterprises in a small country are in a more difficult position compared to enterprises in large markets, as the number of products is often higher, while volumes and batches are smaller. The majority of production processes around the world are already automated, but the available solutions have often tens of times the production capacity that an Estonian enterprise needs and, correspondingly, they are more expensive. The COVID crisis has also given rise to the problem that it is not possible to get a technician from a foreign country to maintain or repair equipment within a reasonable timeframe.

Together, we will find a solution for the automation of an enterprises existing or planned production stages, optimised with regard to actual needs, using modern technological solutions and valuable previous experience.

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